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Tailor-Made Solutions

Every tailored solution we offer, is fuelled by our commitment to turn {code} into your vision.

Let’s make great things together

Our services and areas of expertise include:

Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems. We design secure platforms to store and analyse customer business data which is cloud-based and accessible on any PC, tablet or mobile phone. There is no reliance on physical servers.

Our developers operate on the premise that the more you know about your customers, the greater the opportunities to tailor business activities and products to suit them. Our job is to increase your market share by delivering the right technology to help you grow your business, on time and under budget.

Our bespoke CRM could be a stand-alone system or with integration components bringing in key information from another platform. We always strive to customise a retainer plan that works for your budget and timelines.

We focus on real-time reports that can help business owners, managers and their teams to get valuable information to make decisions on an ongoing sustained basis.

Database Design at Blue Banana is all about helping businesses to save, manage, access and analyse the critical data and performance indicators that result in the capacity to make sound business decisions.

Man looking at a computer screen displaying the word 'Database'

Custom Cloud Based Systems are designed to facilitate easy, scalable access to applications, services and resources via a cloud services provider. We offer services to meet the unique and specific demands of our users. Cloud based systems encompass online data storage and back-up solutions, web-based email services, document collaboration, database processing and technical support services amongst others.

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Content Management Systems (CMS) are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management. We design apps and systems that allow our clients to communicate with customers, post blogs and even email. A Blue Banana CMS presents an ideal way to manage online operations with maximum accuracy. Integration is the process whereby we assist you to build a highly effective infrastructure utilising off-the-shelf solutions where they are viable and overarching them with customised applications that will integrate and supplement key functions.

Diagram of a laptop displaying 'CMS' with 'Content Management System' written on right

Website Development is another of our key areas of expertise. We pride ourselves on our innovative strategies for helping our clients strengthen their online profiles and remain ahead of their competitors. Regardless of whether your business is seeking a simple online presence or a more complex enterprise solution, we are there to help you achieve your objectives. We have over fifteen years of experience in Web Site development with websites build in WordPress, Magento and Shopify, with our main focus on WordPress as the development and flexibility is cost effective.

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Please feel free to contact us for further discussions on your business needs.
Email us at: info@bluebanana.tech

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