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About Us

Welcome to Blue Banana Software. We develop {bespoke} software tailored to meet the specific demands of your business.

Let’s make great things together

Blue Banana Software’s {bespoke} solutions have been created to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ business practices and processes. Our goal is to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line. We empower our clients with performance benefits that are unattainable from off-shelf software.

Blue Banana’s business ethos is simple: We translate vision into code and code into value.

Our clients are all unique and have unique goals and objectives. We deliver globally relevant expertise in system consulting, project management, software engineering, web services, and implementation. Once a project has been completed, we offer ongoing support.

As your strategic partner, we will continue to keep abreast on the latest development industry trends and ensure that your business continues to stay ahead of them.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients
We have built {bespoke} SYSPRO ERP integration solutions for, Krost Shelving, PXD Plastics, Tradecore Steel (part of Barnes Group), Easi8, Ampa Plastics Group.
We have built {bespoke} software solutions for, The Pool Team, Catercorp, DNAlysis, Fontscape Logistics. .


Innovation, creativity and trust are the forces behind sustained business partnerships.

Blue Banana has over ten years’ experience in SYSPRO integrations and customisations.

This encompasses job creation, execution and deployment. Our focus is to immerse ourselves in our clients’ interface processes and to identify efficiencies. In this way we can implement best practice and define the MVP.

You may ask yourself how......
Please feel free to contact us for further discussions on your business needs.
Email us at: info@bluebanana.tech

New product, powered by Blue Banana Software. Introducing Sales Genie, Your Ultimate Sales Management Solution!
Sales Genie is available from 10th February 2024.
Sales Genie is a simple to use software that you can have up and running in 15 minutes. Upload your customers and you are good to go. We don’t look at the tool as a management and watchdog product but rather a solution that can motivate your sales team and help them keep track on their daily progress.


Blue Banana Software is now a palladium Business Partner

Let’s work together to build something great.